Find Time for Something More Funny!

With Hydro-X´s products you can obtain an approval for 72 hours operation without supervision of your plant. So the time you save on maintenance, can be used for things that are more exciting ... while the water treatment is controlled digitally with a dosage accuracy of +/- 1 %.

Get rid of the bacteria

No one wants to be exposed to bacterial attack - but in some productions it is difficult to avoid ... or is it?

For the manufacture of dry ice the conditions for Legionella bacteria in cooling towers are almost optimal. At Yara in Fredericia the problem has been put to an end by shock dosage of Hydro-X biocides. The type of biocide is changed frequently in order to avoid resistance in the bacteria. At Yara the staff is satisfied: After we have changed, the system has become more stable – the pH typically fluctuates by only 0.01, and our consumption of water treatment chemicals has decreased - altogether, everyday life has become much easier

In Denmark it is not yet required by law to prevent Legionella bacteria, although cases of legionnaires´ disease in Denmark are known. In both Norway and England there is legislation.


Save Money with Proper Water Treatment

There are a lot of good reasons to be careful about the water treatment.
- So why not save money while acting environmentally conscious, using less time on maintenance and avoiding a lot of trouble?

Berendsen Service in Holbæk has switched to water treatment with Hydro-X. 18,000 pieces of clothing a day passes through the system, and it is obviously crucial that the laundry facilities are running optimal. Berendsen has struggled with leaks in the steam pipes for a longer period of time when they used a water treatment product from another manufacturer.
The shift to Hydro-X´s products has resulted in considerable savings - both in terms of economy and trouble: After we started to use Hydro-X´s products the steam generator runs optimal, and Hydro-X´s products are significantly cheaper in use. Additionally, Hydro-X took care of all necessary adjustments of the pumps and performed the water samples during the running-in period... it was really a service that exceeded all expectations!