In Denmark, Hydro-X A/S cooperates with various engineering companies about design, technical drawings and guidance on how to optimize the water treatment. These projects include:
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) sector
  • The cooling industry, especially condensate, compressor and evaporative cooling
  • Steam production and exhaust smoke cleaning
Hydro-X A/S participates in invitations to submit tenders, and we have an internal system that enables us to provide a technical solution shortly after.
Since 2001 Hydro-X A/S has been supplying complete water treatment systems, including design and planning, filters and softening units, as well as RO-units and water treatments chemicals. Hydro-X A/S has delivered solutions to the following companies and project suppliers:

Samsung Engineering Ltd., one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Hydro-X A/S has delivered to the world’s largest district heating project in Mongolia, as well as one of the world’s largest steel mills in India.

DALKIA, Europe’s leading district heating producer and supplier. Hydro-X A/S provides project components to DALKIA in Europe and Asia. Together with DALKIA, Hydro-X A/S has developed a special filtration system for mobile filter units.
ABB A/S, where Hydro-X A/S is supplier of the water treatment part for district heating projects.
Danfoss A/S, which produces heat exchangers to internationally financed projects, where Hydro-X A/S is supplier to these heat exchangers.
KfW, the German Governmental Development Bank, has invested heavily in Eastern Europe, where Hydro-X A/S supplies equipment for district heating plants that are being renovated.