Over the past decades, HYDRO-X A/S has progressed from being a local Danish company to being an international company with a background in the Danish research and Danish product development. HYDRO-X A/S has through the years been a trend-setter within our core areas; the development of chemical products for the industrial sector and for the power sector.
Today, HYDRO-X A/S is leading within several business areas, and the structure of the company has resulted in more focus on globalization, because the heavy industries in the West have moved East over. Besides production at the company headquarters in Hjallerup the HYDRO-X Group has production facilities in Poland and China, which has been appointed as two growth centers now and in the time to come. Additionally, HYDRO-X products are produced under license agreements in several parts of the world.

As part of the distribution of Hydro-X products, HYDRO-X A/S has divided Denmark into 6 regions where our consultants perform the daily service and deliver products to the end-users. With approx. 1700 customers spread throughout the country, HYDRO-X A/S is Denmark´s leading company in water treatment of the power sector and large parts of the industry.

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