HYDRO-X A/Sīs basis for success is that our products and service always meet our customer’s expectations and needs. Our responsibility is to ensure that our products are always regarded as quality products, regardless of which part of the world we are servicing, and no matter whether the products are of domestic production or purchased for resale.
At HYDRO-X A/S we consider the environmental performance and the working environment as quality parameters that are included in all quality and production related considerations. Thus, our activities are conducted in a proper manner regarding our environmental impact and the working environment for our employees.

Conditions of particular importance to our environmental performance are waste water, solid HYDRO-X waste, chemical waste, heating oil and fuel for our cars. Regarding the working environment, dealings with chemicals, harmful substances and machines, as well as the ergonomic issues, are of particular importance.

HYDRO-X A/S will always do its best to ensure that the employees live up to their responsibility, motivate each other to meet the quality, environmental and working environmental requirements, adjust to new conditions and improve the quality of products, services and the environmental and occupational safety and health management.