It started with an idea in the 1920’s, and today HYDRO-X A/S is a world leader in its field

HYDRO-X A/S - a historical summary

The friendship between a Copenhagen dairywork owner and the founder of Hydro-X A/S, Albert Johansen M.Sc. Eng., led to the basic research that created the product Hydro-X. The research was initiated because of problems with calcium scale and corrosion in the steam boiler of the dairywork. All this was done in the late 1920’s.

On 8th of June 1940 the company was founded. The purpose was to produce, sell and provide service to customers who used Hydro-X; a product that was designed to prevent scale formation and corrosion in industrial steam boilers and central heating systems. The product could also ensure a clean and neutral steam production.

The early years were critical due to lack of supply of raw materials because of the German occupation of Denmark during the Second World War. Immediately after the war HYDRO-X A/S expanded and built sales and service offices in 4 cities in Denmark. Export activities were initiated in Sweden, Belgium, France and Italy, which all showed great interest in the Hydro-X products.

In the 1950’s, Hydro-X A/S had been consolidated, and plans for further expansion where made. In the 1960’s the Danish market was expanded, and marketing and promotion were increased in other Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden. In Finland, the company HYXO OY was formed to promote Hydro-X further, and in the same sense, Austria was included in the international expansion.

In the 1970’s the forces where concentrated around the European continent. Sales and service organizations were established in Germany, England, France, Switzerland and Spain, supported by know-how, research and development from Denmark. The worldwide energy crisis in the early 1970’s was an important period, as there came a sudden focus on reducing the energy consumption within the industry and the public plants.

The former Hydro-X production facility in Kastrup (Copenhagen) had become too small and reached its maximum production capacity in the mid-1970’s, so in 1977 new production facilities where located in Hjallerup, Nordjylland. In 1987 the production facility was expanded, and today the entire production area covers more than 2000 square meters. In the same decade trade relations was established with Tanzania, and a new production facility was built in the capital Dar es Salaam with the aim to cover the southern African continent. In addition, more attention where drawn for sale and service of products for cooling water treatment in the Scandinavian countries.

In the 1980’s it was time for expansion again. In Tanzania and Kenya the sale developed with the official opening of the production facility in Tanzania, and during several visits to the Far East Korea was found to be an important bridgehead for other Asian markets. China was seen as the biggest challenge, but it would take another decade before an actual business could begin there. Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia already showed considerable economic progress, and HYDRO-X A/S participated with increased sales and service activities, and finally HYDRO-X A/S established the first Asian production facility in Thailand. In Europe, Greece and Turkey opened up as potential and lucrative markets.

The abolition of the Iron Curtain, the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the communism breakdown in Europe created new business opportunities in Europe in terms of new markets in the 1990’s.

Over the years a great effort and a lot of resources has been put in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Bulgaria. The last years it has been the former Yugoslavian states that have attracted most focus, and especially Serbia has expanded on its sales. In most of these countries Hydro-X A/S has gained a good reputation through its partners and agents by delivering high quality products and excellent service in full compliance with the company´s ISO 9001 quality system. On the 19th of September 1995 HYDRO-X Tianjin Ltd. opened for the sale of the first series of products manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. The development and optimism regarding the continued expansion of this huge market has been the driving force behind the Chinese company, where sale and service activities are progressing as scheduled.

In today´s harsh business environment it is not only important to produce a quality product, but also to do it in an environmentally and working environmentally proper manner. In 1990 HYDRO-X A/S celebrated its 50th anniversary, and it was decided that the company would give itself an ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate as an anniversary gift. This certification, ISO 9001 Quality System, was achieved in 1993 and was expanded with BS 7750 Environmental Management Certificate in 1995, which in 1997 was converted to ISO 14001. In 1995 Hydro-X A/S was awarded the Environmental Price of Dronninglund Municipality. Later, in 1996, the company received King Frederik IX´s Award for Excellence in Exports.
In February 2007 it was decided to work towards acquiring another certificate, the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and after less than a year’s work the company received the coveted certificate in December 2007.

The company is a member of several important organizations in Denmark: Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish Board of District Heating, and the District Heating Information Fund. In all these organizations the communication and information comes up to the company´s technical and commercial requirements and needs.

Today, HYDRO-X A/S has 14 employees In Denmark, but the worldwide network comprises more than 250 people. Significant experience is gained through the presence in many countries, and through the many years that have passed since it all started back in the 1920’s. Experiences from the recent years will be used to consolidate the position as one of the world´s leading companies within industrial water treatment technology.

At the time of writing HYDRO-X A/S is an optimistic business with growth potential, and with the special focus there has been in the last years on particularly the energy sector, we have reason to believe that there are growth potential and unexplored opportunities in the years ahead.